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When to Replace Your Windows

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 Written By Dawn Wright


When to Replace Your Windows

If eyes are windows to your soul, are windows the eyes of your home? Even if they aren’t, it’s clear that windows are important. They let in the warmth of the sun while keeping the chill of the air outside. If you feel a draft or your windows are damaged or never look clean, it may be time to replace your old windows. When you have beautiful new windows installed, your home will be more comfortable. New windows will retain heat and air conditioning better and can save you on energy costs. Another perk is it will raise your home’s value. That’s great news if you hope to sell in the near future!

If your windows are extremely old or have been through a storm, the decision is clear: you need new windows installed by a professional. However, maybe you aren’t sure if now is the right time. It might be time to replace your windows if:

  • There are cracks
  • You feel drafts
  • Your energy bill is high
  • Your home will soon be for sale
  • There is warping
  • They aren’t crystal clear
  • You are renovating other areas of your home
  • You want to feel more comfortable in your home

At Great Lakes Contracting Services, it’s our pleasure to give your windows a gorgeous upgrade. Call us today at 855-403-6900 to discuss replacing your windows.


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